Does it Sound like a Duck?

That's the first question Wayne asked himself back in 1987 when he tested out the first Duck call he ever made. He believes the best duck call shouldn't sound like a duck call at all. Instead it should sound like a live duck out on the water, the hen mallard. Sounding like a live duck is the best way to have them drop in for a visit. Today that is still the first question Wayne asks himself with every new call he tunes.

Once the sound was right, Wayne worked on a call design that had a look all its own. A call that was comfortable to hold, a call that forced a call operator to hold the call in the correct hand position. A call that fit! For a duck or goose call to be dependable, it needs to be made with materials that bring out the best tone and are durable enough to be hunted hard day in and day out. Hince, Betts Game Calls are made with the best quality domestic and imported hardwoods, as well as cast acrylics available.

Betts Game Calls wouldn't be here with out the die hard, dedicated water fowlers wanting the same things! Calls that sound like the live bird. Wayne continually thanks all of the people that love the art of calling ducks.Wayne says everyone that takes one of his calls hunting is taking a part of him with them. From the first duck call he made on a garage sale wood lathe in 1987, to thousands of duck calls made and hunted with all over the world, Wayne takes pride in knowing he delivers the best products available. At Betts Game Calls we "answer the call" for hunters everywhere.

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